ELA Academy is no longer an active venture, but it’s being left up in case anyone finds these resources helpful.

Although most of ELA Academy’s videos are directed at students, there is a very special factor that is critical for student success: a dedicated, well-trained, creative teacher. And while I don’t consider myself an expert at ALL (perish the thought!), I’ve learned a few things along the way that I really, really wish I’d known sooner.

I currently have two kinds of offerings for teachers: professional development on things I did that worked well and would benefit all students, and blog articles directed at new teachers.

Professional Development

Targeted Writing Conferences

Editing Stations

Spirals and Writing Portfolios

Survey Results: Spirals and Writing Portfolios

New Teacher Help – Articles

Having Realistic Expectations

Student Discipline

Curriculum Concerns

English Language Learners

Decorating Your Classroom