New Teacher Help: Decorating Your Classroom

Plain white walls, empty table tops, vacant shelves: do these intimidate or excite you? Some teachers leave everything mostly bare, their only mark in the classroom a stack of student work on the desk and a few cryptic instructions scribbled on the board in light, spidery font (I’m looking at you, high school math, just … Read more

New Teacher Help: English Language Learners in Your Classroom

Even if you aren’t ESL certified, odds are that you will still have English language learners (ELLs) in your classroom. Just stop and imagine what that means for a moment. What if you had been dropped into a school in China? Italy? Peru? The Ukraine? You’re attempting to learn the language and navigate an unfamiliar … Read more

New Teacher Help: Curriculum Concerns

You have a brand, spanking new teaching license, and now you’re wondering (or perhaps stressing) about planning lessons. You might be tempted to plan everything as far in advance as possible because you want to make sure you’re prepared. After all, lessons are the core of your job. But there are so many unknowns. Where … Read more

New Teacher Help: Student Discipline

Q: What is the difference between discipline and classroom management? A: Discipline refers to the actions you take when a student is in trouble. Classroom management refers to the procedures you follow to run your classroom smoothly and efficiently, and which might prevent students from getting into trouble in the first place. School Disciplinary Procedures … Read more

New Teacher Help: Realistic Expectations

Welcome to teaching! Whether you majored in education and did student teaching or signed up for an alternative certification program, you’re about to step into your very own classroom for the first time. You’re probably reading this article because you’re nervous (or outright terrified) and looking for some tips. First things first. Your first year … Read more

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