Grammar Series: Artistic Fragments

Have a bonus video – artistic fragments! I really intended for the sentence types video to be the last in this series for a while, but when the section on sentence fragments took on a life of its own, I decided to make a separate video. I hope you like my celebration of breaking the … Read more

Grammar Series: Sentence Types

Check out my new video on the four main sentence types: In this video, I go over simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences, including examples from literature. Students have a chance to pause the video, identify the various clauses and how they’re joined, and hit play again to check their answers. Don’t miss the … Read more

Grammar Series: Clause Types

Last time we learned about the parts of a clause; here are the clause TYPES: LINKS Independent and dependent clauses, with practice (The Tongue Untied): Clauses: The Essential Building-Blocks (Capital Community College): Types of clauses (LearningNerd): Complex sentences (Adrienne Mitchell): Relative clauses (RMIT University): Relative clauses, including info on … Read more

Grammar Series: Phrases

Next up in the grammar series: phrases! You might notice that I didn’t cover participial phrases (sometimes a.k.a. participle phrases) in this video. I thought about it, but a) it would have made this video a lot longer, and b) I’ll cover them when I talk about dangling participles in the editing series (coming soon!) If … Read more

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