Targeted Writing Conferences – Professional Development Series

I’m excited to bring you “Targeted Writing Conferences,” the first video in my new ELA Academy professional development series! Click below to watch. If you’d like some guided notes (I’m a little crazy for these – it’s a shameless plug for AVID-style Cornell Notes), then click here to download and print: Guided notes – TWC I … Read more

Short Answer Basics Part 3 – Symbolism

Here’s part 3 of the series on short answer questions. In this video, I demonstrate how to analyze a symbol and write about it: Click here to download a worksheet for analyzing and writing about a symbol: SAQ – analyzing a symbol Click here to support ELA Academy on Patreon!

Short Answer Basics Part 2 – Characterization

Next in the series on short answer questions: characterization. Check out the video: The handout for this one actually covers a different skill, but one I think is needed: how to make your paragraphs flow more smoothly. Click here to download: Paragraph Flow Handout If you missed part one of this series, be sure to watch … Read more

Short Answer Basics, Part 1 – Theme

Short answer questions, sometimes referred to as short essay questions, are very common: they are a mainstay of state standardized tests as well as teachers and college professors everywhere. But how do you answer them effectively? This video covers the basic elements of a good short answer response and provides a couple of examples: Here … Read more

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