Spirals and Portfolios – Professional Development Series

Check out the third video in my professional development series – suggestions on using spirals and writing portfolios in the classroom: More about spirals (or comp. books, or binders) Binders and spirals and composition books, oh my (Mrs. Gannon): https://mrsgannon.wordpress.com/2009/07/24/binders-and-spirals-and-composition-notebooks-oh-my/ This teacher comes to a similar conclusion I did, except she’s willing to pay a little … Read more

Editing Stations – Professional Development Series

Check out the second video in my professional development series – a tutorial on how to use editing stations in your classroom: HELPFUL LINKS Gretchen Bernabei: Home page: http://trailofbreadcrumbs.net/ Star Points & grammar: http://trailofbreadcrumbs.net/writing-strategies/star-points-grammar/ Professional books, including Grammar Keepers and Crunchtime: http://trailofbreadcrumbs.net/books/ Jeff Anderson: Home page: http://www.writeguy.net/ Professional books, including Everyday Editing and Ten Things Every Writer Should Know: http://www.writeguy.net/professional-books/ And he’s written a … Read more

Targeted Writing Conferences – Professional Development Series

I’m excited to bring you “Targeted Writing Conferences,” the first video in my new ELA Academy professional development series! Click below to watch. If you’d like some guided notes (I’m a little crazy for these – it’s a shameless plug for AVID-style Cornell Notes), then click here to download and print: Guided notes – TWC I … Read more

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