Grammar Series: Sentence Types

Check out my new video on the four main sentence types:

In this video, I go over simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences, including examples from literature. Students have a chance to pause the video, identify the various clauses and how they’re joined, and hit play again to check their answers.

Don’t miss the helpful websites below!


Prescriptive vs. descriptive grammar (Amy Reynolds):

What is a sentence? ( Education):

Sentence – definition ( – scroll down to “Grammar Note”):

Types of sentences (LearningNerd):

Simple, compound, and complex sentences (Prof. Rambo):

Sentence types (Purdue OWL):

Kinds of sentences and their punctuation (Towson U Online Writing Support):

Colons and semicolons in sentences (YourDictionary):

Sentence types (Prof. Atteberry):

Loose and periodic sentences (Trudy Miller):,+Periodic,+Combination+Sentences.pdf

Loose and periodic sentences (Union College Writing Center):

Loose, balanced, and periodic sentences (BabelNet):

Loose, balanced, periodic, and cumulative sentences (eNotes):

Clipped sentence definition (Medical Dictionary):

A blog post demonstrating short, clipped sentences (Stand up for Me):

A teacher’s commentary on the use of clipped sentences in a novel (eNotes):

Complete sentences practice (IXL):


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