Grammar Series: Clauses

Next up in the grammar series: parts of a clause!

In this video, we go over subjects and predicates and practice identifying the parts of clauses that include a variety of features, including direct and indirect objects, adverbials, participial phrases, and complements (though we didn’t have time to talk much about complements – check out some of the links below for more information). We mainly look at declarative sentences, but we also look at how imperative and interrogative sentences affect the pattern.

In the next couple of videos, we’ll look at different types of clauses and how we can combine clauses to make a variety of sentence types.


Subjects and Predicates (Schoolhouse Rock!):

Basic sentence elements (LearningNerd):

Finding nouns, verbs, and subjects (

Subjects and predicates (Wyzant resources):

Subjects and predicates (The Center for Writing Studies):

Simple and complete subjects and predicates worksheet (Scholastic):

Compound subjects and predicates worksheet (Scholastic):

Complete subjects and predicates (English Grammar 101):

Predicates, objects, and complements (Capital Community College):

What are complements? (Grammar Monster):

The Subject Complement (Grammar Bytes):

Verb Complements (English for Students):

Identifying simple subjects – practice (Duke of Definition):

Identifying simple predicates – practice (Duke of Definition):

Identifying subjects and predicates – practice (Duke of Definition):


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