Grammar Series: Phrases

Next up in the grammar series: phrases!

You might notice that I didn’t cover participial phrases (sometimes a.k.a. participle phrases) in this video. I thought about it, but a) it would have made this video a lot longer, and b) I’ll cover them when I talk about dangling participles in the editing series (coming soon!) If you JUST! CAN’T! WAIT! for participial phrases, check out the links I’ve included below.


Participial phrases (Grammar Revolution):

Difference between participial phrase and gerund phrase (Grammar Bytes):

Phrases, including exercises (The Tongue Untied):

Types of phrases (Learning Nerd):

The Garden of Phrases (Capital Community College):

Noun phrases (Grammar Bytes):

Appositives, restrictive and non-restrictive (San Jose State U Writing Center):

Difference between appositive and adjective (relative) clause (

Phrase exercises (IXL):



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