Grammar Series: Conjunctions

Parts of speech are now complete! Check out CONJUNCTIONS:

That’s not all for this series, however — coming next are phrases, clauses, and sentence types. And then, of course, we’ll look at other grammar topics, including common editing errors.


Here are the excerpts used for practice near the end of this video if you’d like to download it and mark it up: Practice: Identifying Conjunctions


Conjunction Junction (Schoolhouse Rock!):

Conjunctions (The Tongue Untied):

What is a conjunction? (Grammar Revolution):

Conjunctions (Ginger Grammar Rules):

Conjunctions notes (Duke of Definition):

Identifying conjunctions – practice (Duke of Definition):

Conjunctions exercises (IXL):

“As long as” and “so long as” are conjunctions (meaning “while”):

“Only” as a conjunction ( – scroll down):

Relative pronouns (

“What” can sometimes act as a relative pronoun (Purdue OWL):


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