Grammar Series: Adverbs

Next in the grammar series: adverbs!


Here are the excerpts used for practice near the end of this video if you’d like to download it and mark it up: Practice: Identifying Adverbs


Lolly Lolly Lolly, Get Your Adverbs Here (Schoolhouse Rock!):

Adverbs (The Tongue Untied):

What is an adverb? (Grammar Revolution):

Adverbs (Ginger Grammar Rules):

Adverb notes (Duke of Definition):

Verbals (NOT verbs), some of which are adverbs (The Tongue Untied):

Infinitives, some of which are adverbs (The Tongue Untied):

Identifying adverbs – practice (Duke of Definition):

Adverb exercises (IXL):


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