Their Eyes Were Watching God Annotation Demo

Need a little help reading or teaching the novel Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston? Check out this three-part annotation demo with chapter 6 (a much-improved remake of a video I published last year):

Part 1, how men in Janie’s community court women and treat their wives:

Part 2, Matt Bonner’s mule and the vultures:

Part 3, Janie’s head rag and Janie and Jody’s marriage:

Download this bookmark I made for my students! It has an editable reading schedule and annotation suggestions tailored to this book: Printable bookmark with reading schedule and annotation guidelines

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Thanks to Ms. LaBonville and Ms. Izquierdo for reminding me! Sorry I left the remake hanging for so long. Please keep the requests coming! 🙂

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