Intro to Rhetoric & Rhetorical Analysis

Need help understanding rhetoric and rhetorical analysis? Then this is the perfect place to start! Click here to watch the latest ELA Academy video:

Have you seen my rhetorical analysis video for Julius Caesar yet? Mark Antony’s funeral oration is a great example of an orator skillfully persuading the audience to change their minds 180 degrees – a triumph of rhetoric:

Need some more resources? Check out these great pages!

50 Roaring Rhetorical Devices (Florian Mueck):

Rhetorical Analysis (Texas A&M Writing Center):

Overview of the AP Language & Composition course (College Board):

Overview of the AP tests (College Board):

Here’s an oops from the video: I read an excerpt from the 2015 AP Lang free response scoring guide and suggested that you go check it out. I forgot to mention that it’s the version that’s only available to professionals (teachers, etc.) So students, sorry, but apparently College Board doesn’t provide sample essays and commentary for your access.

Here’s what students can access (the questions and scoring rubrics): 

Here are the test resources available to teachers – click “Sample Responses Q2” on each year’s released test for sample essays and commentary (commentary appears at the end of each PDF):

Here’s a really nice handout on how to write a rhetorical analysis essay (Franklin County Public Schools, Kentucky):

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