Essay Basics Pt. 8: Developing Argumentative Paragraphs

Check out my new demonstration video on argumentative writing:

Download the ENTIRE essay about video games here: Sample Argumentative Essay – video games

And here are links to other helpful information about argumentative (a.k.a. persuasive) writing:

General advice on argumentation

Argumentative essays (Purdue OWL):

Writing strong argument papers (Clark College):

The Toulmin method of argumentation

Toulmin method (Purdue OWL):

Toulmin method (Excelsior OWL):

Sample Toulmin argument (Excelsior OWL):

The Rogerian method of argumentation

Rogerian Argument (Tallahassee Community College):

Rogerian argument (Excelsior OWL):

Sample Rogerian argument (Excelsior OWL):

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