Annotation 101

Check out my new video, Annotation 101!

In this video, I go over what annotation is, why it’s important, and how to do it well.

To support this video, I’m attaching two documents: a one-page annotation guide that students can print out, fold, and keep inside their novels for reference, and a sample set of bookmarks that I made for my students when we read Their Eyes Were Watching God. I printed the bookmarks on blue cardstock and handed them out so that they could have at their fingertips the reading schedule and specific things I wanted them to annotate. I suggested that they keep a character list on the back of the bookmark or write a brief summary of each chapter, if they wished. Teachers, feel free to modify this bookmark and use with your classes.

Click to download: Annotating a Novel

Click to download: Printable bookmark with reading schedule and annotation guidelines

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Note: I re-recorded this video 3/7/2016 with a better microphone and with longer pauses so that viewers have time to absorb each idea. Everything else remains unchanged.

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