English in the Time of Coronavirus

Coronavirus image from the CDC

Schools are closing across the U.S. in an attempt to stem the tide of coronavirus infections. ELA Academy is a good source of free instructional videos for English language arts.

Curriculum Resources – Rhetoric

This page is intended to help high school English teachers (especially Pre-AP and AP Lang) and homeschooling parents who are trying to wrap their minds around how to teach rhetoric and rhetorical analysis.

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General Curriculum Resources

This page lists resources I think will help teachers and homeschooling parents wrap their minds around learning expectations. It can be overwhelming to begin designing a curriculum from scratch because there are so many things that CAN be taught, but time is limited. That’s why I agree with the advice to begin with the end in mind. … Read more

New Teacher Help: Curriculum Concerns

You have a brand, spanking new teaching license, and now you’re wondering (or perhaps stressing) about planning lessons. You might be tempted to plan everything as far in advance as possible because you want to make sure you’re prepared. After all, lessons are the core of your job. But there are so many unknowns. Where … Read more